Finding a way

Finding a way
24 de August de 2016 imeri

With the Brazilian market under pressure from various sides and the government’s fiscal issue rise in all economic agents, entrepreneurs  and executives, the same question arises: what should I do? There is no easy answer since there are several potential impacts for any decision, and every situation is different.However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The market in Brazil is large, has potential for growth and will be occupied, in one way or another, by those who know how to use this period to better position themselves. Additionally, in distinct sectors there will be a select group of survivors who will be the future winners. Then the question remains, how to be in this select group?

Unquestionably, investing time to plan using known information and then putting the plan into action should be the mantra for entrepreneurs and executives. Moments of crisis are always a good opportunity to “prepare the house”.
We, at IMERI, know how to advise entrepreneurs and investors in financial planning (financial modeling and valuation), in the definition of the strategy and in its completion (fundraising, debt (re)structuring, acquisitions, mergers, partial sale, joint ventures and corporate (re)organization, among other projects).

IMERI is always available for a conversation to understand the situation of the partners, the company and the market in which it is inserted in order to seek and implement, with the entrepreneurs, the best opportunities for the occasion.